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Navy CFS

Delivering the right financial training at the right time helps ensure that our Fleet, Forces, and Families understand the financial implications and considerations for many of the milestones that will occur in their personal and professional lives.

In support of this mission, we are excited to offer two powerful resources: the CFS and Touchpoint Curriculum DVD and printed CFS Student Manual. These resources teach the same story but let you tell it different ways depending on your audience, time allotted, or your particular teaching style. They can be mixed or matched to provide the best learning experience.

We hope this new content empowers you in your role as a Personal Financial Manager (PFM) or Command Financial Specialist (CFS) to make a difference in the lives of our Sailors.

CFS and touchpoint Curriculum DVD

This disc contains all the tools you need for your Command Financial Specialist course with your FFSC, and the materials to teach the congressionally mandated Financial Literacy Touchpoint requirements.
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Disk 1: CFS Instructor Guides and Slides

Disk 2: Student Manuals (CFS and Touchpoint), CSF Slides, eFPW, How-to Guide, and Car-Buying Videos

Disk 3: Touchpoint Curriculum: Checklist, Handouts, Instructor Guides and Slides, Video Discussion Guides and Videos

CFS Student Manual

A printed and bound CFS Student Manual is now available to support students attending the Command Financial Specialist course. Quantities are limited, so please be considerate of others when placing an order for your class.
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