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Workshop Support Center

Welcome to the Debt Destroyer® Workshop Support Center for Personal Financial Managers (PFM) and Command Financial Specialists (CFS).

The free resources listed below are available to support your facilitation of the Debt Destroyer Workshop and aid participants in their journey to get out of debt.

Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.

Debt Destroyer Participant Workbook

(Limit 50 Workbooks Per Order)
Free Item

A professionally printed Debt Destroyer Participant Workbook is available to support your workshop. The workbook contains all six steps of the Debt Destroyer program, workshop activities, and helpful resources to make the process of getting out of debt a little easier.

Debt Destroyer Wallet Card

(Limit 100 Cards Per Order)
Free Item

The Debt Destroyer Wallet Card is a great way to communicate the program to Service members struggling with debt. The card contains a high-level overview of the six step Debt Destroyer program and QR code to empower card holders to start destroying debt immediately.

Debt Destroyer DVD

(Limit 10 DVDs Per Order)
Free Item

The Debt Destroyer DVD contains everything needed to facilitate a successful workshop. The disc includes the following resources:

  • Six-Step Debt Destroyer Video Series
  • Presentation
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Printable Participant Workbook Debt
  • Destroyer Tool
  • Additional Support Videos