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Financial Readiness Presentation

This free presentation introduces the basics of personal financial management through a facilitator-led group discussion.

Note: We recommend downloading the PDF to your device and viewing it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader. On some devices, you will need to right-click on the file and open with Adobe.

Presentation PDF

Financial Readiness is mission readiness. This free presentation introduces the basics of personal finance through an interactive facilitator-led discussion. Download a free copy today!


Presentation DVD

This free DVD-ROM contains everything you need to facilitate the Financial Readiness Presentation, including a copy of the presentation, topic specific videos, student guide, instructor guide, and the 2019 Financial Readiness Guide. 

getting started
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Getting Started​

Get to know your money personality and start setting financial goals.

Build an Investment Strategy
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Sometimes you have to give up something good now, for something greater in the future.  Learn the basics of budgeting and where your money should go!

credit cards
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Your credit reputation can make a big difference, so it’s time to get smart on credit reports and credit scores.

man looking to make purchase on her laptop with a credit card in his left hand
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Whether you have a little debt, a lot of debt, or no debt at all, learning how to manage your finances can make a profound impact on your life.

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Learn about the 3 most common ways to pay for retirement: social security, pensions, and personal investments.

float in the water
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A good financial plan will include planning for the unexpected.