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Credit fix scams

Getting caught in a credit crisis can make you desperate and vulnerable to scams. You want that house, that car, or even that job — and you’ll lose it if you can’t pass the credit check.

Unfortunately, some “credit repair” organizations unfairly target people with credit problems, promising to clean things up. It’s just not legit.

The fact is there is no quick fix for creditworthiness. No one can legally remove legitimate, negative information from your credit report. And, if you find negative information on your credit report that is in error, you can get it corrected fairly easily.

Develop a habit of checking your credit report annually. Tell them about any mistakes you see. The three major credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax — are legally responsible for confirming, correcting, and removing erroneous information within 30-days.

If you’ve messed up your credit, don’t despair. Credit repair is possible — but it takes good credit behaviors and time.Stay informed. Set your sights on what you can do in the long run to repair the damage and when you can realistically expect to see results.