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Plan Your Next Steps

Get Career College-Specific Assistance To Plan Your Next Steps

If your child is enrolled in one of the many career education high schools around the country, there is a variety of higher education assistance opportunities available through the Imagine America Foundation (IAF).

Serving the career college community since 1982, IAF:

  • Provides scholarships, awards, financial aid information and honors achievement in career education.
  • Supports and promotes the benefits of career colleges to the general public through research and other efforts.
  • Facilitates related faculty training for academic excellence.

More than 1,000 career education campuses participate in the Imagine America Scholarship and Award Programs. Students currently enrolled in one of these schools may be eligible to receive a scholarship or award including scholarships for graduating seniors, scholarships for adults age 19 years and older, and grants for military students seeking advanced education at an applicable institution. For full details about these scholarships as well as other IAF resources, go to