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How to Get 100% Savings Success Rate

The absolute most positive and painless way to save money is to make it automatic. Set up an allotment from your pay or a direct deposit from your spouse’s pay (if applicable) into your savings account. For example, you can set it up so that $50 comes directly from each paycheck into your savings account. As long as you don’t overdo it you won’t even know it’s happening, but when you check out your savings account there will be beautiful proof.

Keep your savings separate

Like humans do, we all have a number of things on “our wishlist” that we can’t yet afford to buy. Here’s how to get them off your list and into your life: Set up a different account for each of those things.

For instance, one could (and should) be an “emergency fund.” One could be a “car down payment fund.” Another could be “trip to the Bahamas fund.” And so on. The best part is, once you’ve saved the money for that particular item, you not only can buy it, but you can buy it with none of the typical buyer’s remorse.