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Just Say No To Investment Gurus and Hype

The market is always in motion. Every day, events around the world create upturns and downturns, and countless opportunities for pundits and “experts” and all kinds of random people fill the interwebs with financial headlines, buzz, and chatter.

That’s fine. Let them talk about the short term all they want — you’re invested for the long haul. When your eyes are on long-term wins, you don’t have to hang on every headline — you think for yourself.

Ditto with gurus closer to home. While it can be a good idea to get investment help, paying for advice doesn’t guarantee good results. If someone promises they can deliver superior returns, go elsewhere. Immediately.

Avoid gurus, ignore hype, and stick to your strategy — but don’t ignore your portfolio. Check performance and maintain diversification. Tweak your investment mix to match your appetite for risk and make progress towards your goals. That is all.