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Resolve to Review Insurance Coverages

Take a more financially savvy approach to your insurance by sitting down and reviewing your current policies. That means homeowners, auto, renters, health and any other insurance you maintain to protect you and your family against loss or illnesses.

Looking to lower costs on your auto and home insurance in particular? In addition to having both types of coverage with the same company for a multiple policy discount, the Insurance Information Institute recently released five tips for reducing your expenses without compromising your degree of protection:

  • Instead of insuring only your home’s real estate value versus the cost of rebuilding, it’s better to save money by raising your deductible amount and asking about any other discounts.
  • Don’t let price alone be your guide – choose an insurance company based on recommendations from friends and relatives, industry ratings, and reviews of claims satisfaction.
  • If you already own a home in a designated flood zone and have flood insurance, look for ways to save on coverage by increasing your deductible and possibly elevating your actual structure. Help with these related costs may be available from community agencies as well as federal government programs.
  • Rather than purchasing the minimum liability amount required by state law or your vehicle lender, and potentially putting yourself at risk for higher out-of-pocket costs, try to reduce your auto insurance expenses by taking a defensive driving course or increasing your deductible.
  • You can save money on your renters insurance by raising your deductible or having additional security devices installed (if allowed). Make sure you include all property security features when obtaining a quote such as controlled-gate access or exterior security cameras as these may also provide discounted pricing.

For more details about these and other tips, go to and click on Press Room. And see how you can start saving quickly on your coverage!