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Savvy Shopping Equals Big Savings

During Military Family Appreciation Month, service members will find many businesses offering additional discounts and special savings on a variety of products and services and at just as many different types of businesses.

For example, recreational attractions such as amusement and theme parks, zoos, museums, movie theaters and local tourist sites may spotlight special ticket prices for military families. Like sports? Check out your nearby stadiums and arenas to see if any ‘military family nights’ are hosted during the month of November. Reduced entrance fees and other savings may be available at professional sporting events when you show your military ID.

Restaurants, hotels, and even car rental businesses are also good options to look for special discounts. Service businesses and retailers may offer discounts on items ranging from apparel, auto parts and eyewear to cellular phones, computers and memberships at local gymnasiums and fitness centers. Military members can even find savings on things like courses at local colleges or other educational institutions and preferred rates on shipping packages and freight from participating businesses. The possibilities for saving this month are fairly extensive – local installations should have more information available throughout the month so check back regularly to see if any new places or offers have been added.