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Spending Plan Launch

Now that you know how much you can afford to spend in each spending plan category and still move towards your savings goals, it’s time to live your plan. Document your new spending targets for the coming month. Then, break it down to the coming week and do the same thing each day if you can. Congratulations! You’ve just finished building a spending plan.

The next step can be a toughie. If your spending plan calls for many changes, find ways to stay motivated. Keep your targets — and your reasons for these changes — top-of-mind all month.

Should you stop at that trendy coffee shop, or brew a cup yourself at home and bring it with you? Pop for sports tickets or catch it on TV? Your budget helps you spend — or not spend — without stress.


Making a spending plan work requires active monitoring and flexibility. Plan realistic expenses and stay flexible enough to allow spontaneous fun into your life.

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Analyze — check to see if you stuck to your plan, and tweak it until it really works.