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Three Steps That Could Help You Avoid Trouble

Before you take that plunge into the cold, dark depths of debt (yes, we’re trying to scare you), here are a few final gut checks to see if you could avoid this expense all together.

Get Real

Do you need it or just really, really want it? Honestly. If you determine you do need it, make sure you’re only getting what you need. For example, you may legitimately need a car, but you don’t need it fully loaded. You may legitimately need a washer/dryer, but you don’t need the top-of-the-line.

Wait it Out

They say never make an emotional decision. To keep your purchase “all business,” try sleeping on it for a few days, even a week. You’ll find that your feelings about what you thought you needed have likely changed. If not, go for it.

Get a Second Opinion

Got a friend, parent, or family member who makes good financial decisions? Ask them for their advice. They’ve likely been where you are, and can give you helpful tips and advice based on their own experiences.