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Work Up To Savings

To reach your savings goals, you may have to cut back — or cut out — spending in other areas. This is how budgeting gets a bad name — but it’s really where all the work you’ve done pays off.

Look back at your list of expenses and ask yourself, “What can I cut to free up funds I need?” You can often create space for saving, investing or debt reduction by cutting back on “wants.”

Dining out. Concert tickets. Stops at that coffee shop. It might be easier than you think to cut these when you consider the more dramatic alternatives.

Like … could you trade that sweet ride for something less expensive? Could you move into less pricey housing? If you’re having trouble making your budget work, it is important to question every single one of your expenses. If you’ve overdone it on the big ticket items, you might have to make some tough decisions.

There’s one more strategy to consider, of course. If you can’t free-up funds by cutting expenses, it’s time to find additional income.

Seriously. A little short-term pain is more than worth it for a lifetime of financial gain.